Wednesday, October 31, 2007

when it comes on like a dream

when it comes on like a dream is a record phil and i made in the fall of 2003. it was a crazy time, my first son jackson had just been born and the original lineup of beat radio had broken up and tim and rob were starting the diggs. it was just phil and i with jim on drums. vanesa sang on a couple of songs also. we sort of made it in a vacuum over the course of a couple months. at the time it felt like the kind of record i had wanted to make for a long time, sort of emotional, lyrically driven acoustic music. we've always loved the record but no one's ever really heard it.

we've decided to put it out as a free digital download at it's pretty different from beat radio but i'm hoping it will find some sort of audience and life of it's own. i'd love to hear what you think of it. if you like it please pass it along.

brian sendrowitz
when it comes on like a dream (2004)

1.above the halflight
2.beautiful one
3.looking for you
5.planes fly by
6.the way it shines
7.never feels like home
8.the damage done lights

click here to download the entire record as a zip file (160 kps, 38.7 MB)


col said...

gorgeous music. thanks for sharing.

Carrr said...

Great songs indeed!