Friday, March 27, 2009

forever's gonna start tonight

Thinking today, will it be this way forever?
Life tells me certain things will change.
Will I read music blogs forever?
Will I walk around borders books on my lunch hour and look at magazines forever?
Or 30 years more?
Will I wear a denim jacket?
Read books about Rimbaud?
Try and catch the 4:12 home, for decades more?
Will I record on my tascam 424?
Will I talk about making money?
Or not making money?
Have lunch with john?
Call liz for no reason at all?
Live on martin avenue?
Drink beer on weekends?
Get takeout on friday nights from Milos pizza?
Will I ever sleep in late on a saturday again?
And let my hair grow long?
Talk to phil anymore?
Put the kids to bed, lay on the floor while they drift into dreams?
Keep in touch with Amanda Petrusich?
Read Kerouac?
When I'm 70?
Make collages?
And free digital ep's?
What songs will I be singing to myself, when I'm 64?
Trick question?
Will I have better shoes?
How long allergies?
Which size physical?
And where is the new psychedelic?
Will I still listen to vinyl records?
Play bad piano?
Want liz to cut her hair short?
Or play the bass guitar?
Will there be strings on the new beat radio record?
Can I pay our bills with abundance?
End the human war?
Realize the game is the distraction is the game?
Realize the secret?
Remember asbury lanes?
And coney island?
And when I drove down mermaid avenue, looking for woody's ghost?
Crimson flames tied through my ears?
Talk to evan?
Fashion myself as some misplaced apostle?
Or saintly goof?
Swoon after Chan Marshall?
Think about folk music?
Carter family/Cyndi Lauper?
Will we ever walk across the brooklyn bridge?
How will we see the landscape change?
Will we remember
The tiny bones of brooklyn?
And the orthodox jews
And the 5 towns?
And the rest stops on the NJ turnpike
Where you sat and ate those meals alone
In 2002?
And your first real band
And the first time you played at the mercury lounge?
Your brother was your best fan
Remember the mistakes you made, and the friends you lost
Searching for the holy grail?

Will it be this way forever?
And what will happen next?

Friday, March 6, 2009

music is art - interview and mix tape

music is art has been one of my favorite blogs for a while now, so i'm excited to tell you that they have cool post on beat radio today, which features an interview as well as a mix tape i put together. hope you guys like it. You can find it here. Best, Bri