Monday, May 26, 2008

phil, brian and i have been in hiding as of late, working hard on new recordings. the first few will being coming out soon on a 4 song ep called sunday matinee. phil and i took a break a few weeks back to play an acoustic benefit show for our friends with the green party. thanks again to ian for posting this video. hope you guys like it. see you soon!

Monday, May 19, 2008

everything is temporary (now)

thanks to our fan jason for making this really awesome video to our song "everything is temporary."

we made a transient connection

here's a video of me and phil playing "television" at a recent green party benefit:

thanks to ian for putting this together.
thanks to phil for bringing his cittern.
this song is from my last solo record when it comes on like a dream.


Wednesday, May 14, 2008

save union hall!

I honestly don't think beat radio would have continued to be a band over the last year and a half without the amazing people at union hall. it is the best small room for live music in new york.

Tonight (Wednesday, May 14) could change Brooklyn nightlife as we know it.
Community Board 6's advisory board lead by Lou Sones (the owner of Brazen Head) is taking action against Union Hall of Park Slope. They are recommending the removal of their liquor license based on a group of about 5 people from Union street, with no facts generated to prove any violations. I repeat... THEY ARE TRYING TO TAKE AWAY UNION HALL'S LIQUOR LICENSE WITHOUT A SINGLE VIOLATION! If this is allowed it could set a chain-reaction through the night life scene. If they can deny the renewal of a liquor license for an establishment with no violations they will be able to close down anyone they like.

The General Board will be meeting on this and other matters at the address and time listed bellow. Show up in numbers with signs stating your support for Union Hall and Brooklyn Nightlife. The press will be there and we have to put the pressure on.
Borough Hall Court Room / 6:30PM
209 Joralemon St
Brooklyn, NY