Wednesday, August 13, 2008

breakthru radio interview, acoustic set

i got to do a 10 song acoustic set and interview with the lovely DJ Maia at Breakthru radio the other night. You can find it over here. we i had a really great time and got to try out a bunch of the new songs.
here is the Setlist:

00:00 Brian Sendrowitz of Beat Radio
00:44 Treetops
04:21 Interview
06:41 Another Loveless Anthem
09:38 Interview
10:51 Lonely From Rock And Roll
14:10 Interview
15:39 Behind The Blue
19:00 Interview
19:40 Stranger Flowers
23:12 Teenage Anthem For The Drunken Boat
26:52 Interview
29:03 What I Love The Most
33:07 Sunday Matinee
36:01 Interview
38:05 Closing Scene
42:02 Elegy