Friday, October 5, 2007


i'm sorry if this blogs seems impersonal. when i started this blog i wanted it to be more like a journal than it has been. i didn't want it to be just another place for me to promote my band. it's a new season, i'm excited about it. i'm going to try and be more spontaneous and honest. i'm going to try and write more too, some people emailed me about an infrequency of posts, it's just been a long, hard summer. i can't really pinpoint why. we've just had lots of chaos in our lives it seems. i just had a wonderful little moment though..i just went downstairs from my office and it felt warm outside and i grabbed a coffee and there were all these people sort of half smiling because it's friday and it's almost time to go home. i saw a young dad holding his 2 year old boy, and i thought of jackson and elijah at home. the title track from astral weeks came into my head and that line "taking care of your boy."

here's another song i've been rocking on my ipod. it's by my good friends the diggs. i'm getting ready to go on a trip to mexico soon for my best friend's wedding and those guys will be there too. i can't hardly wait. this song rules:

the diggs - careen

the diggs forthcoming sophomore lp ctl alt del is coming out early next year and is going to be a monster.

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