Friday, October 12, 2007


the new radiohead record is exhilerating.

cmj is about to blow through this towm like a hurricane.

i'm amazed all the time by the power of fear, and how it transforms your perception of the world around you.

i just finished reading nick hornby's Long Way Down. I liked it alot. I started Joan Didion's Play it as it lays this morning on the train, which is powerful in an entirely different way. i'm excited to pick up the new Denis Johnson and Junot Diaz novels as soon as i can afford to spend money on anything besides food and bills.

i'm making a mix tape for liz for october. these are some songs on it, so far:

Late at Night - Buffalo Tom
Left and Leaving - The Weakerthans
Falling Slowly - Glen Hansard and Marketa Irglova
Little Fat Baby - Sparklehorse
Here Tomorrow-the mugs (who we're playing with at CMJ!)
Chancellor-Gordon Downie
Sad Songs - The Frames
The Weather - Built to Spill

still working on it. any suggestions?


Vince said...

First. Really enjoy your tunes. They are stunning. Both in what they accomplish musically and lyrically. I feel the title of your blog, is quite possibly one of the best lyrics written in these waning, wretched, gory modern years.

Second. There is a very personal feel to "The Great Big Sea." A vulnerability that is human and artistic, without being staged, without make up. This human element makes me feel as if I could sit down and chat with you. Which is a beautiful and scary thing all at once, I suppose.

Third. Asking for songs certainly defeats the anxieties of having an impersonal blog.

Some ideas:

"Young Pilgrims" by the Shins

"Indie Disco" by Yossarian (although I think they changed their name to shake my hand)

"In the Morning" or "Pass it On" by The Coral.

"Release me on the Floor" by The Figurines

And then, I mean, "Moondance." Or, in the spirit of aged rock:

"Any Majordude Will Tell You" by Steely Dan.

Anyway. Maybe those are possibilities. maybe not. The music is always a pleasure, and I look forward to more Beat Radio epiphanies.

brian said...

vince i can't thank you enough for such a thoughtful, generous comment. it sincerely and completely made my day. and thanks for the song suggestions also.