Wednesday, April 14, 2010

High Time/Lonely From Rock and Roll single at Ampeater

I'm super excited to have 2 new beat radio tracks featured today at the Ampeater Review. Ampeater is a cool music website that has also released digital singles from Mount Eerie, Twin Sister, and a bunch of other really great bands. Check it out here:

The a-side is a brand new song called "high time." I guess it’s about trying to be more honest with yourself.

The b side is a song I wrote with Tim Lannen back in 2003 called "Lonely from Rock and Roll". It’s about how our band at the time was breaking up. It rocks out kinda hard. You guys who read this blog might remember a demo i did of this song back in 2008.

You can stream both tracks at the ampeater site or download them as a zip file.

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