Sunday, August 30, 2009

saw you at the sunday matinee

Here's a new version of "Sunday Matinee" for the album. People have often referred to our songs as nostalgic. I guess its something in the sounds we use. This song actually looks back to high school, and for me that meant going to punk rock shows at VFW halls.

I liked the version of this song we recorded for the ep last year, but I always went back to the original demo I had made. It just sounded more exciting. I brought Dan in to do some cool keyboard stuff and worked from the demo to make this version. Hope you like it.

beat radio - sunday matinee (mp3)

Here are the lyrics:

i met all your friends today
i couldn't think of anything to say
everybody seemed so lonely
but we could play our bad day down
hide behind a wall of sound
communicate with our our eyes only

and we're alone we're alone when we're together we're alone and we don't wanna stay here but we can't go home
and there's so much we've lost along the way
but your the sweetheart of the rodeo
the queen of the all ages show
i saw you at the sunday matinee

you're everything that i'm not
drinking in the parking lot
and then we hear the band start up and then we rush inside
and when the bass drops out and the singer screams and shouts you say "this is that song that i was talking about."
you push your hair behind your ears and you close your eyes

and when you lean in close
when tell me it's the part you love the most
and you pull me out into the light
i don't care about the song
but i could watch you listen all night long
and i feel fine i feel alright i feel alright

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