Thursday, August 6, 2009

interview at

fingertips is like an o.g. of mp3 blogs. i recently did a pretty in depth interview with them on the state of the music industry. it's sort of a wild time to be navigating your way as an artist. i rambled quite a bit. you can find the interview here:

i'd love to hear what you guys think about some of the things we discussed. like, should music be free? is being able to download albums good for how we listen to music? how should artists move forward in trying to find ways to support themselves and their work?

it's complicated stuff, and it's an exciting and strange time to be a musician. hope you enjoy reading.

best, bri


stevekee said...

interesting, i came across this today,

i guess its along a similar line, tho maybe a bit more "pledge drive-y" but its an interesting idea. i'll be interested to see how it works out for him cuz he's a good guy and awesome musician.

brian said...

thanks for posting, Steve, yeah, definitely curious to see where the whole thing goes. still don't feel like the subscription method will be the answer, but have no idea what else will. here's a link to a pretty interesting essay/argument i'd read a few weeks back:

would love to hear what everyone else thinks!

and thanks for reading,