Wednesday, December 12, 2007

sunday matinee

here's a demo for a new song i've been working on this week. i hope you like it. i feel like the sound and themes for what the next beat radio record is going to be is starting to come in to focus for me, between teenage anthem for the drunken boat, stranger flowers, and this song:

beat radio - sunday matinee (demo)

hope you like it. here are lyrics:

i met all your friends today
i couldn't think of anything to say
everybody seemed so lonely
but we could play our bad day down
hide behind a wall of sound
communicate with our our eyes only

and we're alone we're alone when we're together we're alone and we don't wanna stay here but we can't go home
and there's so much we've lost along the way
but your the sweetheart of the rodeo
the queen of the all ages show
i saw you at the sunday matinee

you're everything that i'm not
drinking in the parking lot
and then we hear the band start up and then we rush inside
and when the bass drops out and the singer screams and shouts you say "this is that song that i was talking about."
you push your hair behind your ears and you close your eyes

and when you lean in close
when tell me it's the part you love the most
and you pull me out into the light
i don't care about the song
but i could watch you listen all night long
and i feel fine i feel alright i feel alright



Vince said...


Lyrically, this song seems very locatable. Right from the start, you feel like you know where it is going. Although, by the end it crosses the yellow line, and goes some place your heart wasn't especting.

"play down our bad day" is very nice.

That third stanza, however, is where everything coagulates. All the emotion finally peaks. It resonates with something simple and true, which I suppose is what you do best as a song writer. The quote of: 'this is that song that I was talking about.' is amazing. And the detail of the pushing the hair behind the ears is both startling and very literary. It's like you're writing a short story, in a way. Poetical I suppose. It reaches beyond mere lyrics. And by that I mean: the lyric becomes something heartfelt and meaningful, not just something to sing-along to.

It's a pleasure to watch these songs grow and develop. I love the musical simplicity of this one. Very barebones. It's nice, perfect for this wet, anemic, winter weather.

But that guitar at the end of the song! It seems like you're writing a good deal about how music saves or perhaps guides youth. How we grow up through music. We live in music. We locate our hearts in the music and find the verbs in the lyrics. The music is the inspiration for the youth. Anyway, it seems like (maybe) this is a theme you're playing around with for the next record, and if so, I can certainly tell you that the ending guitar solo has that effect. As a listener, that ending guitar solo is electric, alive, pulsing. It puts the cement in my spine, so to speak. It's an inspiring, crystalized moment in the song. And it's a guiding force, just like the ones you're writing about.

Sorry for the long comment.
But, very nicely done.

Zak Champagne & Richard Dudley said...

Just a quick comment. I recently heard your music on the Shifted Sound Podcast and fell in love. You all make brilliant pop songs that seem to resonate with me long after I hear them. I can often tell how much I like a band by how much I like the song when I hear it my head later...if that makes any sense. Anyway, your music not only sounds amazing through my speakers, but it sounds incredible in my head!

And I love this new track. And I second the comment about the "this is that song I was talking about" simple and melodic yet quite profound for all of us who have also shared this moment. Thanks for sharing and keep up the amazing work. I'll be telling everyone I know about your music. And I just purchased the cd/ep from cdbaby! Can't wait to receive it.

Zak Champagne