Wednesday, December 12, 2007

i've got you in my mind's eye

i'm not one of those year end list making types. i have been reading lots of lists and thinking about what music really resonated with me this year, and what art in general i guess. there were alot of records that i loved and listened to for a few weeks and then sort of forgot about them. am i the only one who did that? is this a function of the ipod and the new way we connect with media? i went back to a few of these records over the last week or so. the national is definitely awesome. the arcade fire is too. i liked the ryan adams record but his work hasn't really resonated with me as deeply over the last few years the way that his first record did. one record that i was sort of blown away by when i revisited was josh ritter's the historical conquests of josh ritter. I like all his records, but this one to me feels like a huge leap. when i first heard it i was taken by the more rocked out songs like "real long distance" and "mind's eye." also, there's this amazing song called "the temptation of adam." i must of missed it initially, due to too much hyper caffeinenated ipod shuffling, but it's really just a staggering song. it totally knocked me out on the train yesterday morning.

anyway, i do think it was a great year for music, despite the fact that the record industry seems to be in shambles. it's sort of a revolutionary time. an axial period. a watershed moment??

whatever happens, i'm super excited about what comes next.

Josh Ritter - Mind's Eye (mp3 via lines through lines)

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