Monday, June 7, 2010


<a href="">evangeline by beat radio</a>

This song's about getting through hard times, together. I wrote the melody on the piano in my front room, and i've been walking around with in my head for a couple months. Took me a while to get the words down.

If you listen closely, you can hear my 7 year old son Jackson shredding along on his little red flying v, towards the end.

here are the lyrics:

The storm is over now
I love the way
The sun burns through the clouds
I'm still the same
I'm still the kid you knew
For all we've lost

I hear the breaking waves
I'm drifting off
I swear I'm not afraid
Down by the shore
Everyone's rushing round
I'm standing still

You are my sweetest friend
We can't stay here
Can't go back home again
I turned my back
Remembering everything
Must find its way

You've seen me through it all
The pavement shines
The cherry blossoms fall
Our love will grow
My heart is keeping time


Florence said...

amazing lyrics. really nicely done.

brian said...

hey thanks Florence!!

FNR said...

the beats in these new songs are blowing my mind, that's a beautiful drum sound