Thursday, January 28, 2010

cold war

<a href="">cold war by beat radio</a>

this is a new song called "cold war." i wrote this song with evan duby. he plays guitar in beat radio now. he also writes his own songs, knows daniel johnston, and created a cartoon about a superhero version of john oates' moustache. it's like a real cartoon. we also wrote "follow you around" together. i like collaborating. it's fun. also, brian ver straten took this photo, and played drums on both of these new songs, which was super exciting for me, first time trying to record drums in here in my basement. also, this song started out with an instrumental track of me making weird sound collages out of 4-track tapes i recorded in high school.

here are the lyrics:
I woke up late to find
I'm alone

And its heavy on my mind
And I
Wanna know

Where have you been?
You're dissapearing all the time

Are you back now
With your old friends?
Just a vampire
For the weekend?
In your old hometown
Does it bring you down
To be back again?

And the party's over now
I'm on the street
When I'm lost amongst a crowd
I feel so free
Got a restless heart
And we've lost our way somehow

And I'm hiding
From the daylight
Its a cold war
But I'm alright
In your old hometown
Do familliar sounds
Keep you up at night?

Are you back now
With your old friends
Just a vampire
For the weekend
Have I seen you for the last time?
Will I know you
In the next life?
And I'm hiding
From the daylight
Its a cold war
But I'm alright
Are we close now
To the free fall?
Did you break down
The berlin wall?
Should I venture
Into slipstream?
Are we working
Toward the same dream?


Vince said...

nice van morrison reference.
it's like your own songwriting coming full circle.

the pacing of this song is great, and it feels like a seamless distillation of the sounds that you were bringing together with the safe inside the sound LP.

brian said...

thanks Vince! i really appreciate your comments, the support means alot, and knowing that someone gets what i'm trying to do, artistically, is a great feeling. "to understand and to be understood, is to be free." -Daniel Johnston