Tuesday, December 1, 2009

hi, how are you?

I've neglected this blog a little bit since I got the record out. Don't get me wrong, I've been working hard getting the word out about the music. Lots of you guys have been keeping in touch in other ways. Mostly facebook and twitter I guess. It's pretty convenient technology. I do want to keep this blog up to date though, there are some things that take more than 140 characters to say.

The response to the new album has been fantastic. Lots of bloggers have been kind enough to write about the music and help get it out to new fans. Lots of you guys have supported us with donations or by buying the cd. Things have swung back in the right direction for Beat Radio, and the band has been growing. In addition to Dan B on keys and Brian V on drums, my good friend Evan Duby is playing guitar for us now and Mike McCabe is back in the band on bass. Mike was in the band in 2005-2006 and played on The Great Big Sea LP. Exciting stuff. We're making our debut with the 5 piece lineup in a few weeks at a Deli Magazine showcase at the Studio in Webster Hall on 12/18.

I did a guest post for Music is Art, which is one of my favorite blogs, a few weeks back. You can find it here.

I also did an interview for a new blog called The Wild Honey Pie last week. You can find that here.

We've played some really great shows since I last posted, and shared the stage with some great bands including Aeroplane Pageant, Sean Bones, The Drums, Right On Dynamite, West Dakota, and more. It's been a fun and exciting time to be playing shows around NYC.

Also, I just finished a design for a new beat radio t-shirt. We'll have it available in a couple weeks. More info soon! I'm slowly trying to build an empire. I'm pretty much like the Jay Z of indie rock.

Lastly, we've started work on a new EP which I'm hoping to have out early in the new year. I'm building most of the basic tracks with samples from 4 track cassette recordings I made back in high school. Its been a pretty fun project so far. I also want it to be more collaborative than the last time. I just finished a new song with Evan called "Cold War". I'm hoping to have the other guys by the studio soon to do more stuff, and even bring in some special guests. I'll be posting some new MP3's soon.

I'm truly grateful to you guys for the support!

Keep in touch,

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