Thursday, February 19, 2009

top 10

i'm liking these songs alot at the moment:

1. city of electric light - Chad Vangallen

2. my backwards walk - frightened rabbit

3. Wolves - Phosphorescent

4. Re: Stacks - Bon Iver

5. Mexico City - Jolie Holland

6. New Parade - Aeroplane Pageant

7. Carry Me Ohio (alt version) - Sun Kil Moon

8. The Pornographers - Destroyer

9. Trying to put your hear back together - Slowrunner

10. Out of Breath - John-Flor

cheers, bri


Some Chilean Woman said...

Found you via Neil from Dust In The Spotlight. Just wanted to say I really like your music and hope to see more posts.

Katherine said...

you just got me in to two new bands... thank you!

forksandknives said...

great list, when are you planning to release a new beat radio ep. im stuck on treetops

beavermuffins16 said...

pretty good list, thanks frightened rabbit is new for me, good stuff
if you haven't yet, give Bishop Allen a listen, Ive gotten into them lately