Wednesday, December 31, 2008

best new year ever

I'm sitting in starbucks dragging out my lunch hour, bleary eyed and blue. The kids have colds, me and liz are tired. Ready for a night out. Did you ever hear jolie holland? I really love her second record, escondida, but I just heard a newer song of hers called mexico city and it totally knocked me out. I've been sketching out the track list for the new beat radio record. I think I'd still like to call it "safe inside the sound" which is the title I've been kicking around since we finished the great big sea. I'm having my friends sarah and russ seeger come over to help me out this week with some violin and vocals on a new song called hard times for dreamers. I'm excited because it can get sort of lonesome being a home studio basement recluse guy, even when you have a family upstairs.
So I got this blackberry for christmas from liz, I hope it's a good thing for this blog instead of just a source of lots of boring rambling!
Hope you guys have like the best new year ever.

Fondly, bri

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