Wednesday, June 25, 2008

behind the blue

this is a picture by robert frank from his book the americans. and here's another new song. it's kind of a good time. it's sort of autobiographical. it's a bit long winded and freewheeling.

beat radio - behind the blue (demo)

alternate title: "your mother loves a man in uniform"

here are lyrics:

i heard the kick drum and the melody
but it doesn't compensate for company
so i threw out my confession like it was a mixtape of a memory
there's an exodus upon us now
from the outside looking in
and it's a song about a super 8
a short story of a violin

and it's a long hard road ahead
i don't know what we're gonna do
but if you're holding out for me
i'll be holding out for you

at sunset there's a marching band that plays the requiem for radio
and the patron saint of electric light sings a song on the last stereo
me i'm singing with these sailors now
your mother loves a man in uniform
when i was shipwrecked on the shoreline she was my shelter from the storm

and i won't forget the thing she said
it hit me like a bolt of blue
i hope you're holding out for me
cause i've been holding out for you

i'm in a place that i don't recognize
fighting in a civil war
and every night i close my eyes and i feel more lonely than the night before

i wanna smash in every tv set to hear the wind come whistling through
i wanna cut through all the LCD's
i wanna see the blue behind the blue
i wanna graduate to more than just the sleepy crash of nine to five
i wanna be the one to show you how to feel a little more than just alive

when you were young you dreamed your dreams
some faded away and some came true
and if you're holding out for me
i'll be holding out for you
i'll be holding out for you


Vince said...

Really poetic lyrics. A visual experience. Reminds me of the pastural beauty of "Another Loveless Anthem." That song, and now this one, both have elegance in the words and metaphors. It's fresh to hear.

Thiago said...