Sunday, June 24, 2007

Greg Fine

Greg Fine is another friend of mine who happens to be an amazingly talented musician. I'm not sure if I'd be playing music today if not for Greg's support of my work when i was starting out writing songs. His art has always inspired me deeply. Greg is a really incredible and unique voice. There's so much power behind every word he sings, and so much love that goes into every note. It's not something i can easily put into words. Greg's been quite busy as of late, recently becoming a father and hard at work on a new record that is sure to be something really special.

Here's a recent recording:

Greg recently gave a wonderful performance at a great podcast called Acoustic Long Island, and i was really honored to hear him
perform his version of my song "Planes Fly By":
check out the entire rest of that show here.

here is my version of the song from my record When it Comes on Like a Dream:

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