Thursday, April 12, 2007

a cinema of sunshine

i did an interview recently where i said i've been meaning about starting a blog about being a punk rock dad. something about it being a bizarre and beautiful existence. actually, you can find it here. i tried to start this blog a few other times a month or so ago but i always felt like i was just writing the same stuff i do on myspace and promoting my band, so i deleted the posts because i was already promoting my band in all these other places. it seemed sort of redundant and spectacularly narcissistic. i don't think this blog will be entirely about the kids, but here's some pics. i don't get to show them off enough. the big guy is jackson. the little one is elijah. i'll tell you more about them soon. these pictures are a few months old, we took them one afternoon in the fall down at newbridge park.

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